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Understanding Paint

It is really important for the painter to not only know how the paint is made, but the differences in the type of paint and how its used. Understanding the paint can help the painter pick the best paint for the job, it will give the painter better knowledge about the problems that come along with painting.

What is inside paint?

There is a variety of materials that go in the making of paint. However, it essentially consists of solids and liquids, with the solids suspended in the liquid portion, or vehicle. Solids are what stay on the surface after the liquid portion evaporates.

Solids are composed of a variety of ingredients, each are designed to give the paint a specific property, but they are mainly made of pigment and binder. The pigment is solid grains of color, powder which gives the paint its color.

Pigment is suspended in the liquid, or vehicle. This suspension is why paint must be stirred before use. Other components are binders, or resins, which hold the paint together, and additives which give the paint specific desirable properties. The thinner, or vehicle, evaporates when the paint dries, leaving the film.

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