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Thing to Know While Painting

A prime consumer concern is washability, and the glossier the paint, the more easily washed it is. But the shinier the paint, the more light is reflected, which can be annoying in some settings. Since the paint is thinner, it will show imperfections in a substrate more readily than flat paint. Washability is still desired. Where a paint requires greater washability, the glossier paints are preferred. Such areas might include bathrooms, kitchen, and trim.

Drying time is another important idea for a painter to understand. Drying times for alkyd and latex based paints can vary considerably according to the weather and temperature. For example, when the humidity is high, paints can take far longer to dry than they ordinarily would, simply because the rate of evaporation is decreased. It is important to allow paint to dry not only to recoat it, but also to clean it. Some paint can be recoated in a matter of hours, but it may be weeks before it can be washed.

The key term when the painter is considering whether a paint can catch fire is flash point, or the point at which a paint could catch fire. Although there are variations, every alkyd-based product should be considered flammable, simply because some products ignite when touched with a spark and others do not. For safety's sake, it is best to assume that all can.

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